Far From Heaven



David Barber:
"2 pictures of the actual lovely costumes worn by Julia Moore in the movie Far from Heaven. I took the photos in Feb 2002 at the National Film Theatre in London.  It was only by sheer luck that I came across them --  there were 4 costumes on show in all. Left: Sorry for colour not quite true, but it's a beautiful kingfisher grosgrain satin.  Right: the famous burgundy lace and taffeta cocktail number.  I have a length of the actual burgundy taffeta used in the costume.  The quality is sumptuous and the rustle noise is divine!  Both gowns were designed by Sandy Powell.  I wonder where the burgundy gown is now?  If any Poufies out there know, I would be most glad to hear from them."

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See below for scenes where these dresses are is worn


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