Rear Window

with Grace Kelley

Stillclips from the movie featuring The Bouffant

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David in Scotland has sent a video (without audio)

Pammie: In one of the early scenes, James Stewart awakes to find Grace Kelly [playing a wealthy and demure young socialite] leaning over him, wearing one of the widest and loveliest early 50s skirts you could ever hope to see. They exchange a few pleasantries, and then, feeling tired, she limply poufs down on a settee. Now you don’t actually see much - this is not slipping on the stairs stuff, but Grace Kelly is so swooning lovely [never more so than in this scene], and her voice is so beautiful, that this is a more overwhelming and sigh-provoking scene than most other film actresses can achieve by giving a full petticoat view. Actually, she usually wore nice full skirts in her films.



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