Sissi - Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin

Starring Romy Schneider

Printed here for review purposes only.

All copyrights honored and attributed to producers.

Sissi site (in German):


All the above compliments Charles

Above enlargeable

VIDCLIPS: slideshow clip from DVD wedding procession and mixed clips

Also, the whole thing is available on Youtube (in 10 parts, about 9+ minutes each).

Stephen K. has provided this romantic view

For thosePoufies who are unaware, 'Sissi' was the affectionate nickname given to Empress Elisabeth of Austria (where Tessy was born!).

Stephen: "...a magnificent costume that suggests 1865...Modern fashion can offer nothing to compare with this in dignity, glamour, romance and - let's be honest - sex appeal. To think of how those tremendous skirts would swing from her tiny waist as she turned round on hearing you coming!..." say nothing of the rustle!


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