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(above left) 1950s crinoline cage

An (Illustrated) History of the Crinolined Hoopskirt


From a 1940's paper doll book (#1744)
by Mary Young Saalfield.

From Lasse S.

(above) Poor lady -- and so embarrassing! Tessy has only sympathy for the lady in this old drawing.
 One would think that the ladies would have soon empathy, but, oddly, they are smirking as well!

from Le Frou Frou (1900)

(above) An early 20th century risqué gala
Ballerina, cancan, froufrou --what more could a Poufie want?

DiDi:   "The focus of the below picture is actually the cats. That's 'Chessie' sleeping and her two kittens, 'Nip' and 'Tuck.'  Chessie was the corporate
ogo of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad from the 1920's to the 1970's. That picture is actually a page from a C&O calendar from the 1950's. There's
even a book out titled Chessie the Railroad Kitten, telling her story.

"Here are a couple more images you may find of interest; my favorite is the little girl in pale blue passing the Greenbrier resort (left)."


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