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(above left) 'Man of Dreams'



"I just spotted this book, which has a marvellous front cover (don't know about the contents) - I'm
sure all Poufbunnies would covet that outfit!  Here is the link to the British Amazon page (It doesn't seem to be available on the American Amazon site)."

From another site:  "Dames is portrait photography at its most incisive and fun. In Eric Boman's book, a 'dame' is
a woman of attitude and conviction, style and flair, leavened with steely determination. For Dames, Boman has photographed over 100 women, all of whom have made an enduring impression in their respective fields of fashion, society, arts, politics and entertainment. A text by Vanity Fair special correspondent Bob Colacello accompanies Eric Boman's glittering photographs."



above - (1901) Louis Vallet

Deutsch: Das franzosische Bett —--„Das ist kein Bett mehr, das ist das reinste Manöverfeld!
English: The French bed —This is no longer a bed, but is the cleanest & most complete drill ground

Sissy Steve:

"The petti isn't visible but the shape of the dress certainly makes me wonder what's under...
This is an adorable dress and is the cover photo of her new book.
A true 'yummy mummy'..."

Bo Persson:  "The skirt she is dressed in is a bubble-skirt. The cut and the design of the skirt creates the look. No need of petticoats."

(Ed: Actually, some bubble skirts have tulle underneath.)



"Here's a wonderful cover from a fashion book called
Big Book of Fashion Illustration: A Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration (New Illustration Series).Author is Martin Dawber

It's available on Amazon or check your local library." 


 Jean L. sends this book
cover of interest

"A Summer in Sidney"

Plain picture 


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