Annette was the heartthrob of all teen boys in the fifties (and early sixties)

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Back of picture:


Above four:  Candid shots with Mouseketeers

(above left) Early Annette with family


(above L) 1959   (R)  1962


A less-than perfect picture of
...possibly with Era singer and actor James Darren Oscar (1961)


Here with Sal Mineo



From PondGirl Allison, "The Girl Next Door": a Mouseketeer on the  "Mickey Mouse Club" -
She was so young!  More information

Allison's CDs                   



Most likely on The Mouseketeers

From Kristi



More Annette from John N., both 1957:

(L) on Mickey Mouse Club set
(R) MMC publicity picture


PondGirl Allison has sent this of Annette from a serial shown on the
Mickey Mouse Club
called "The Adventures of Spin and Marty".




Rhino has provided this cute picture, probably taken during her record-making time, by the looks of the pictures accompanying her.


From Rhino
       a crisp, full shirtwaist frock,
with trumpeter Al Hirt in 1963





In 2013, we were extremely sad to acknowledge the passing, at age 70, of one of the brightest  50s
Bouffant personality stars, of complications of Multiple Sclerosis, which she fought for 25 years

ForFor those of us who came of age during The Era, Annette (God rest her soul...) had a profound effect on us. 


Addendum in tribute



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