Miss World, 196


Joe A. writes:

"This picture of Ann Sydney was taken by the late Vic Blackman, a press photographer for one of the large British papers, who also wrote a weekly column in a photo magazine.
Many  years ago he published his memories in a book called 'Naff Off' (Apparently, what Princess Ann once asked him to do!). In the book, he wrote that one of his favourite types
of glamour shots was a 'Jump For Joy', which involved a pretty girl leaping in the air wearing a can-can petticoat. The camera was shooting  from a low angle, and the subsequent display
of frilly petticoats added to the charm of the shot. He wrote that when he came to photograph Miss World, he planned to take a 'Jump For Joy' shot, but alas, she had no petticoats with
her. So he asked his assistant to remove the petticoat she was wearing, and lend it to Miss World! Apparently he took quite a few of these 'Jump for Joy' shots in his career.  On another
occasion, again when the subject had no petticoat with her, he went to a large department store and bought one. After the photo shoot, he gave the petticoats to his wife as a gift. Can anyone trace
anymore of his photos?


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