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Gown on hanger...



Princess Diana in her wedding gown, again - not much of the skirt shown (we know what it looks like anyway), but a tantalizing tease of the top of her skirt, and more importantly: she gives her veil a petticoat or crinoline look without even trying.   

Perhaps Giselle’s (Amy Adams in Enchanted) dress is a little more storybook princess girlish than Diana’s gown, but Diana was so much more naturally graceful, demure...and another shot of Diana getting ready.  Lots of petticoats.




(below) In commemoration of the Royal Wedding (April, 2011), Kristi has sent some pictures of other modern royals in their wedding gowns...

Princess Margaret (UK)

Princess Marie Chantal (Greece)

Princess Marie (Denmark)

Queen Rania (Jordon)

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