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Dinah was SO big on bouffant
"See the USA, in your Chevrolet...mmmaaawha!"


Here is a video which, if for nothing else, is extremely interesting because of the skirt of the dress which Dinah is wearing.
Tessy guesses there is a hoop under there, due to its bell shape, coupled with the way it sways when she moves.  Very intriguing...
Dinah Shore & George Burns Sing I Ain't Got Nobody

Wendy writes:  "Those dresses with bell skirts often had very stiff underskirts to give them that shape.
They moved very much as if they had hoops, but I never came across any that did."

1959 Chevrolet Debut Commercial (with Pat Boone)
Rikki: "That dress is to swoon over for sure.  Makes her waist look like about 22".  She must be wearing a black crinoline as we
don't see any white peeking out when she twirls or sits.  Cars were great back in '59, but especially were the dresses."

YouTube link from The Dinah Shore show from 1957. It is number 6 of 6.


...with her dog, Wonderland


Dinah Shore performs at an
 El Dorado
fundraising party in 1955

From Misha



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