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(above) Dita's wedding


An interesting feature
and video about Dita

Sent by Crinolyn



Dita judging The Love Ball
 in Manhattan June, 2019

From John N.


Abby Rhodes:

"Even from the back, Dita looks great. This one is from British Harpers Bazaar, December 2010."

ED: There is a rather mystical quality to this photo

More designers, including more Dior

More runway 





Dita in a maid petti-pinup

Sent by Mike F.

More maids


A video of Dita doing a striptease from a very froufrou, beautiful mermaid gown


Kristi has provided this - quite beautiful,
but we do not  know what costume represents. 
If we had to guess, it is used in a Catholic event.

The 'petticoated hood' is quite interesting...

             Turns out, this is Dita!                            





Sure looks like Dita,
 but we're not sure

Not her style...

Courtesy David. M.




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