Dave Barber:

"These pictures are of the well known 1960s, UK legend pop star icon, Helen Shapiro, when she was 15 in 1962, at the height of her fame. The picture at
far left is, sorry, a photo copy. The gown she is wearing is a grey blue moiré (watermark) stiff silk taffeta, heavy quality, the shoes (size 4) were dyed to match the gown.  I had a glossy copy photo but it got damaged.  The two pictures to the right show Helen getting ready for her debut in a 2- week variety performance at the world famous London Palladium Theatre.  The gown is of pink stiff satin, with overlays of white tulle and lace.  The bottom picture shows Helen in my favourite gown she wore all those 45 years ago!  It was in ice blue satin taffeta. the bodice had a overlay at the neckline of sheer
organza with blue sparkle-like leaves, whilst the Spanish angle ruffled skirt tiers had edging of silver lame ribbon.   picture 3  the same pink satin and white overlay gown. 

 Notes of interest:  Helen really hated these gowns, and preferred to wear something slinky and more sophisticated. but her record company said no - she had to be the typical teenage next door girl pretty image. She got rid of them in the early 1970s.  I have had the delightful pleasure of meeting this very lovely woman over the years since 1976 on numerous occasions - Helen is one of the GENUINELY NICEST people you could ever meet in show business.  These days she is no longer in showbiz, but has become a born again Christian, giving wonderful gospel testimony evenings. She will be 62 this year, and still looks wonderful!  I asked her about the gowns, and she told me I could have had, my favourite gown I liked, the ice blue Spanish skirt one, and the blue grey moiré taffeta one, the money going to her favourite charity, if only she had known earlier.  Even Helen herself has no idea where the gowns are now. I hope NOT TORN TO RAGS.  I am still searching the web for them.  They were UK size 10 (Helen is still that size)."






Dave Barber:

"Helen Shapiro, 60s UK pop star in my favourite gown of hers, pale blue satin taffeta, it looks very rustly and stiff.  She is 14/15 in this photo, taken in early 1962. Her frock was designed and made by Roy Mothersole; cost £80, then a fortune, now more like £500!






...a really nice bouffant worn by Era UK pop star
Helen Shapiro

 tendered by Dave Barber

"Yellow dress in wild silk, with fan cut out eyelet embroidery on the bodice neckline and skirt hem. worn at the Ivor Novello Song Awards in 1962 (BBC).
Note the number of pettis under the skirt, making it almost bell-like." 





...another nice frock worn by Era UK pop star
Helen Shapiro
 tendered  by Dave Barber


"Brocade dress, at one of her concerts in the ABC Cinema in Bradford, UK .








David Barber sends one of his favorite Helen Shapiro frocks
 (moiré taffeta)


A bit enlargeable

Also, try this link: Type in 'Helen Shapiro,'
to get 37 pictures.



Dave Barber:

"A picture of 60s pop star Helen Shapiro (UK). It's from her first ever, annual, Helen Shapiro's Book for Girls at the time of issue in 1961. The dress she is wearing, I think came from Butterricks Patterns or something, or one of the popular fashion labels for girls out at the time. She also did some fashion shoots, for UK mail order catalogs around that time as well. It is also the dress she wore in the pop film musical, It's Trad, Dad  (USA "Ring-a-Ding Rhythm!") . Made of polished cotton, or glazed cotton, in stripes of pink, pale green, pale blue, black and white. Polished cotton full skirts were quite 'stiffish,' and had a sort of swishy rustle noise as the girl walked, as the frothy petticoats rubbed against the skirt, more so if they were paper nylon ones. It is a shame that the petticoat can't be seen under Helen's skirt in this photo. I hope more adverts turn up on paper nylon rustle petticoats."

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