Jeanne Moreau


(above) With Brigitte Bardot


Below sent by Abby Rhodes

Jim C:

"The above picture of Ms. Moreau shows her, in character, lying down and trying to cool off (note her legs are raised and the hem of her skirt is above her knees) while fanning
herself with a silk Oriental fan.  (The action in the movie is supposed to have taken place in the hot and humid Far East.)  The photograph is a still from a short (one hour in
length) 1968 made-for-French-television movie entitled 'The Immortal Story.'
  In the movie, Ms. Moreau's character is named Virginie Ducrot.  Here is a Wikipedia article
which has additional information about the movie: And here is another Wikipedia article about Ms. Moreau herself.  Ms. Moreau is still alive; she is 86 years old [in 2014]."


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