Welch opera soprano

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PettiBoy: "A beautiful girl with a beautiful  voice. -- She also made a TV advert wearing a blue  dress on an album cover (previously featured on The Pond)
and showed lots of the red petticoats. I don't suppose anyone has  a copy to send in?"



Al points to this captivating vidclip of Katherine Jenkins singing an Italian version of
I Will Always Love You. Not only is she gorgeous - voice-wise and beauty-wise, she knows how to dress!

You might want to visit www.katherineJenkins.com, her website, and where there are some shots of the cover of her album Living a Dream,
wherein resides the above selection.


"Regarding Katherine's blue dress with red pettis, the dress is featured in a video for her last single release which is what the TV advert was about.  The dress looks fabulous.  The site says that if you register you can view the video. I've never been able to do this but I know nothing. If you go to her  web site, hopefully, you would be able to accomplish what I couldn't. I've tried contacting the webmaster but to no avail. It's all very disappointing..."



Anne Hogan writes in 2006:

"This week, we remembered the fallen soldiers in several wars. We call it Remembrance Sunday, but I believe you call it Veterans' Day (Saturday). The Welsh classical Singer, Katherine Jenkins, launched this years 'Poppy Appeal' wearing this beautiful dress made of 2,500 poppies. I'm not sure if you use the poppy as a symbol of remembrance too. (Tessy: We do as well) Although her petticoats are hidden, I think you'll agree she's a beautiful girl, in a beautiful dress and has a beautiful voice to match. This girl's got everything!"


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