Shelley wrote, back in March, 2007:


"I was just informed of this British rock idol by the name of Lily Allen; she appeared on Saturday Night Live this weekend, but I didn't see it, unfortunately.  She is said to enjoy dressing in short, frilly, full, 50's party frocks - on SNL she was wearing a very nice, above the knee dress with a nice petticoat! Her hair was described as looking very 'Breck girlish.' I had never even heard of her but she is said to be rather outspoken but truthful, by most accounts :-)

"Here is a Google image but it is certainly not quite as nice as she appeared on SNL.
Check her out."

Tessy: BritPoufies, what do you know about her?  Any good pictures to share?




Chiffon writes:


"Saw the attached picture in the UK's Sunday Times Style magazine and the gist of the subsequent article is that this item and others similar will be available from the UK's branches of NEW LOOK from May 9th this year. There is also a UK free phone number associated with the article - 0500 454094."

Tessy:  Wow!  A glimmer of hope!



"Unfortunately, the dress was released in sizes 8-16 UK (6-14 US) and was to be found in only six stores. My wife and I were mightily p-ssed off about its unavailability."




Gini V. writes:

"Here are a few of her clips:  (Tessy: She has a pleasant way about her)

It seems everything she does features pettis at some point."

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