Loretta Young

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(above center) Very young, in 1920s play - all above enlargeable

Loretta Young

1946, in a Jean Louis gown

From Jean L.



...at the 1948 Oscars


Sylvia Marie has sent this picture of
Loretta Young with the file name of the 'redlist'

We are unable to identify it on IMdb
Can anyone help?

Elizabeth: "I contacted 'TheRedList' and inquired as to how they came into possession of this particular picture.  Eventually, they replied.  The answer is
that most  (but not all) of the pictures on this web page were studio publicity photos, but NOT necessarily used as or for publicity for any particular movie.
Sometimes publicity pictures were taken and published just to keep an actor or actress’s name and face in the public eye."


Sylvia Marie has sent these moving gifs of Loretta
Young's famous entrances on her Loretta Young Show

Signature Loretta Young entrance on YouTube

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