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Lovely fragrance commercial
(still above)


(above center) the 2014 Met Gala   (right) 2018 Golden Globes


(R) 2013


Ken R.:

"From a wrap around on a recent AM give away paper, an ad for Sarah Jessica Parker's new (2010) scents, available exclusively at Macy's. Of interest to us is the beautiful gown she's wearing and how she lifts the hem giving us a glimpse at the magic underneath."



Sugarbarre provides this advertisement of 2007's season fragrance offering,
'spokes-ladied' by
Sarah Jessica Parker:


"COVET makes you act with brave impulse, and nastily;
Sarah has broken the law, smashed the window to get the perfume.  She says, 'I had to have it!'"

'COVET' COMMERCIAL VIDEO (Behind the scenes)



Great combo!  Full skirt and coat - we love the
way the skirt can stick out of the front at times!

Unsure if this is from Sex and the City or a perfume ad

From Jean L.    



Sarah starred in two movies and a TV series entitled
Sex and the City
Malcolm in the UK has sent these clips
(L) courtesy

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