Sophia Loren

Some enlargeable

(above left and right) her early years


(above right) Cannes, 1955

(above left) 1955  (right) 1958

              (above) At her home



...with Italian fashion designer
Emilio Schuberth, 1951 The Cannes Film Festival, 1956


 Cannes Film Festival in 1954,


Beautiful pleated gown

Sophia Loren in her room at Carlton Hotel.
Film Festival 1955. by Edward Quinn

         From Jean L.



 ...photographed in conjunction with the advertising of the film Arabesque, with costumes created by Marc Bohan for Christian Dior (1966)

From Jean L.          Details by Crinolyn




Publicity photo for the TV show
"Person to Person,"
with Edward R Murrow, 19 Feb 58




We suspect this early Era picture of Sophie
is altered, but it certainly looks great.


Courtesy Joe A.    

Other celebrities    More cars and pettis

We were right.  DiDi sent us the original source.    More altered images



David from Scotland sends these very early images


The unseen full view of bouffant skirts
can be well-imagined in these images

(left) very early on  
(right) in her salad days - 1955
(below) enlargeable


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