Petti Pictures-- Abby Rhode's Collection (2)

Petti Pictures


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Generally, we tire of pettiskirt 'creations',
for they lack that most important element of mystery
which pettis generally engender; but this one is a bit special,
its fluffy softness, fullness and feminine hue giving us a
comforting feeling.



Guess this is what we'd see at a [proper] dance were
the lady asked if she would show us her pettis
(if she'd, indeed, deign to show us)    



Vignette en pouf!

Clarified, expanded and
some detail restored
by Sylvia Marie.


Imagine how surprised (and delighted)
we would be if we came across this!


The file name is 'Frannie Wood'
Possibly an Era celebrity - we have
been unable to find any information


She needs a bigger kitchen!



Makes ya wanna know more!

Gerd R. found the full disclosure!


We really enjoy seeing ebullient gals like this!

The way should all be.  A far cry from some of the runway images we see...


We are inclined to think the above far left image has been manipulated






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