Petti Pictures


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Peek of yellow                                                |     
Comfortable repose  //////////////
One of our favorite dresses!                        
Happy in her pettis!        d                                              
Donning her petti!                                          
Showing her best!
A lacy, lace-encrusted, short confection!
Why is the cop so happy? Are we jealous? 
A flurry of pettis! F                                                          




This picture reminds us of
a scene  in the 1958 film,
The Blob.



John tenders this very effective image...

Could even be crowded, but we wouldn't know unless she stood.  She may not even be wearing a skirt...


Tour de France winner,
Mark Cavendish, enjoys his day


This picture demonstrates that a simple outfit, which could be seen commonly in The Era,
could easily be accepted today.  So why are day-to-day women reticent to wear such?

From John N.


English Roses in their
finery at the racetrack.


Examples of great reveals

Left: DeeDee



Here is a zombie bride, to get
into the spirit of Halloween!



Jellyfish costume


Good use of paper

Tutu area



From John N.



Making Easter eggs in fine fashion



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