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(above right) ...on Rosalind Woods site



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"This site features about 200 pictures in a slideshow format -
here are excellent enlargeable examples...






"What's nice about this one is that the petticoat seems to be of some quality, not just tulle (of course, it is probably attached lace, not a petticoat anyway)."

David H.:

The site is -
the dress here is number 0691 ('Fantasy in Satin'). 








Nicely presented: "The black/charcoal matches different shades, and other colors as well, plus, black is always classic.  Also, the overall pattern of the ruching or layering is consistent."










"This came up under the moniker of ‘ugly prom dress of the day’ on  the
Fashion Police website… 

"I think it’s the fact that the shades of pink do not match; if this was more of a pastel, and the same shade on all parts, it would be very cute.  I mean, it’s not really that bad unless, I guess, you are a teen trying too hard to impress your peers. 

"Here’s another caption from the website about the dress:  Pink! It totally makes the boys wink, you know! Makes ‘em vomit, too, if you’re not careful…

"It just cracked me up this morning…


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