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An interesting site, three examples from which are here




(above right two) Russian



(above) enlargeable

An interesting perspective from Kristi:

"A few years ago King Tut’s treasures came to the Field Museum; tours were in groups.  It was pretty crowded, and I soon got tired of trying to get a view.  So I decided to look at the rear of the relics.  Now, I’m always thinking of alternatives -  but this was a true winner.  I could have done a theme article on it.  Not only did I have no competition for viewing, I saw aspects none of the people on the tour did.  Even in photos - you always see the front.   But I saw nails, knots of sinews tied to make the seat - this was the actual visible record of how these ancients made these relics.  So I had a wonderful affirmation of the idea that looking at the backs of things reveals the real beauty - the fastenings, the attachments.   

"In this photo, you cannot see the back of the model, but underneath the bolero you can imagine the gown snuggled up against the concave small of her back.  Although the waist of the bolero is loose, you can see a slight snugness across the shoulders- imagine the tug of the fabric as she moves her arms…   

"While I always appreciate the convex body parts, the concave of the small of the back, the back of the knee, back of the neck and small of the throat, etc. is always more enticing to me.  It is the Yin - the valley spirit- absolutely adorable. Plus, you cannot go wrong with a silvery satin…" 





Intriguing cocktail dresses

Ed: Wonder if many of these are not 'panted'-
reference Shelley Long's frock in the 1987 film Hello Again
(sorry, we have no picture)






Fashion from Poland













"A pink Little Miss Muffet - so reminds me of Andie MacDowell’s Bo-Peep/Southern Belle motif wedding dress in Four Weddings and a Funeral  (it was SUCH a good movie -  right up there with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer"



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