Petti Pictures--Nancy N's Collection (2)

Petti Pictures


Many enlargeable



Sample from this blog






Interesting blogger





Canadian pinup blogger

More pictures on the blog





Nancy points out a blogger -
here are a couple samples





Nancy N. points out these cute-pie pictures on this delightful dressmaker's site - she calls it a 'skater dress.'

Bike section



'Blondiefull' blogger from Milan Fashion Week 2015






Nancy alerts us to this Spanish fashion blogger

Check out the crinolined sleeves!



Fashion designer blog

From Nancy N.




Samples from an interesting
fashion blogger




Nancy provides this
purple petti picture

Blogger source


Sample from an interesting
fashion blogger




Sample from Sarah Forshaw's Fashion blog




...another fluffy blogger






...yet another blogger en pouf





Nancy N. points to the
Wedding Chicks




CosPlayer Karli Woods





Fashion blogger's Polka Polish purple petticoat kick in the snow.

Source (more pictures)      


"Mayanda Abud from Damascus, Syria,
is preparing for the wedding ceremony."




From an interesting site:  1950s American Vacations

Aquamaids in Florida - 1952
Cypress Gardens: “Water Ski Capital of the World!"




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