Petti Pictures-- Rhino's Collection

Petti Pictures


Many enlargeable


Rhino points to this site,
which is chock full of pettis




Decade of the thirties





Rhino has discovered this
exciting photographer,
who is right up our alley

Laura Byrnes Photography







Those hidden petti edges - so enticing...








(also sent in by Jean L.)

"Apparently it was windy at Aintree...

Aintree is a racecourse in Liverpool, England. This is their 'Grand National' meeting, an annual event. The big race is on Saturday. They say 'The Grand National' is the biggest steeplechase in the world; just one of many events in Britain that the British claim to be the best in the world."






Relaxing en froufrou

Alexis Dolman




(below) "I found these pictures on the 'Jones & Jones Fashion Blog' by clicking on a tag 'Audrey Dress'."

ED: Some, with pleats, are especially interesting







Rhino points to this site which, while it specializes in straight slips and the like, exhibits some with a bit of froufrou





"Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Frederica Bernkastel"

by 'Trauma Centre Grrl'


(below) From blog 'La Ville Inconnue'





Delightful images from
a site named 'Cherise'




(below) A trio of similarly-themed pictures






(below) Selections from the now-defunct Slipland website




Fantasy affectation



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