These type gowns were in style for a couple of years in the Golden Era, mostly among starlets such as
Jayne Mansfield, and in 2004 experienced a resurgence among the prom crowd.

All enlargeable

(Above right) Edie Adams  - Don Loper creation

(Above right) Della Reese



Miss Britain in the 2013
Miss Universe pageant

From John N.      


Canadian actress and musician
Jill Hennessey

From Stephen K.




Stylized mermaid gown picture

Possibly pleated

From Crinolyn     Corset&petti area




Miss Philippines in the 2013
Miss Universe pageant


From John N.      



Anna Chapman

Beautiful Russian spy and one
of Putin's propaganda pawns

Beautiful mermaid gown!  

From John N.     More celebrities




Margot points out this site of interest, samples here


More special bridal        More designers




This delightful mermaid gown,
sent by
Crinolyn, is special,
in that the bouffant portion
rises higher than most



We REALLY like this mermaid gown!

An excellent example of the fullness contrasted
 with a slim bodice-hip area that says "woman."

From Crinolyn 



BB Bloomer points to this site of
Mermaid sample at left.

Not all Spanish dancing is Flamenco,
but all Flamenco is Spanish dancing.




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