Blurb to go with blue sundress picture


She stood in the bedroom, naked. Over her shapely legs she slid a pair of black seemed stockings that she bought for this occasion. They were held up by a lacey garter belt that came with the stockings. She then put on a pair of white open toed high heeled sandals. The contrast of black and white should catch his interest. She looked at herself in the full length mirror in the bedroom and saw a sexy woman looking back at her. Last week a similar ensemble in white inspired such a lustful response from her lover that they never left the den. Tonight, however, she had more. She put on a stiff, white 60 yard petticoat that she had worn before and over it she put on a strapless black sundress that she had bought at a local department store. The bodice was boned with an elastic zipper back. She adjusted her unencumbered breasts into the top and zipped up the back. The bodice was very tight and showed her curves. She liked what she saw in the mirror, even though the dress overwhelmed the petticoat. She wished that she had a hooped petticoat, but that was not in the budget. She was ready to meet her lover. She opened the bedroom door and started to walk down the hallway to the living room, the boning in the bodice rubbed against her nipples. At first it irritated them but by the third step she was being stimulated. She thought she heard a camera click but continued on. !2 steps later she was in the living room, where her lover was waiting, quite naked and quite hard. He took another picture and wanted to take more. However, more primal instincts took over. She was quite hot. “This dress is rubbing my nipples, making me quite hot,” she said. My lover, who usually was not talkative replied, “I am jealous. I want to be the one to arouse you.” With that, he squeezed her breasts and kissed her deeply. They never left the spot where she stood for the picture.