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German dance group?


German dance group?


German dance group?




The Pink Petticoats (German Rock n Roll performers)

"Here is a slide show.  It gets off to a slow start; but some of the shots are 'wowzers!'"  

Here is one of the Pink Petticoat gals in action

The group's website has galleries of many of their shows -  some good pictures."

The below were sent by Nils in Norway



(above) From the Queen Mother's 100th birthday celebrations July, 2000 in London, England

(above three) Cloggers


Les Spiegelettes




(below) 'The Asham Stompers' (from Winnipeg, Manitoba).

(below) PettiLover sends these of a Swiss girl band (name unknown)




Ken R.:

"From a New York Daily News article on the occasion of a Riverdance  Radio City Music Hall run in March, 2010."









From Nils in Norway





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