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(Above) Unidentified (Right) Russian


An unidentified
 (we assume is a)

dance group

Sent by Crinolyn      



Thursford Christmas Show Dancers
 from England

From CA    



"The title translates as 'Boogie Woogie'; it is a vidclip that
was found years ago but without an audio track. This
audio track was added and fits pretty well. These are
dancers from a school in Russia putting on a demonstration."



(Era) Exotic Dancers League
Team photo

From Abby Rhodes


Rhino: The Kennedy Cupcakes

"A 1940s/50s inspired dance troupe; I think they come from Scotland. That being the case, I think they certainly put the 'Bonnie' into 'Bonnie Scotland'."



The two pictures on the right show Lisa Kennedy, founder and choreographer


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