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Annual 'Golden Oldies' festivals at Wettenberg


Azalea Trail maids from Mobile, Alabama -
top 50 high school girls who are chosen.

This one picture was taken in DC for President Bush's
 parade in January 2005

Courtesy Sonia and Otto from Holland (enlargeable)


Crinolyn has produced a video of that scene -
it is in the
Pond Video library


(above) Enlargeable

(above left) enlargeable a bit

(below) Azalea Trail Maids as they made an appearance at the USS Alabama in Mobile.  (Enlarge)

(Above right) Lending a hand at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, NC (2003) - both enlargeable

Azalea Trail Maids, when they were guests at Disney in 2010.

One can get videos of the event off YouTube,
including but not limited to:

YouTube video

From Alice



(Above enlargeable)


(above) Germany - 1999

(above) Reinbeck Classic - year unknown


This appears to be
a 2006 festival picture - the title of
the filename is "kettlitz2006."







A couple of scenes from the
July, 2006 Reinbeck Classics Festival





Jörg writes:

"Images from 'Rückblick Sommer-Oldies Zwönitz' (possibly 2006),
a fifties festival;
 Zwönitz is a small town in the near of my hometown Chemnitz, Germany"

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(above) Erie, PA festival

Goodwood Revival Classic
Car Meet, 2018

From Nancy N.



Above enlargeable

(below) Laredo, Texas pageant -  in the The last picture the girl is napping on her petticoat!!"



Apparently a German poster,
publicizing a 2006 event celebrating Fifties-era 'youth' culture.






Tom B. and his wife Jutta



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