Here we have an image from a 50s festival in Cologne, Germany in 2005.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell, but occasionally a woman will wear a petticoat that is different than the run-of-the-mill type, as appears here. We like to highlight that, as to encourage others to do likewise.





Sissy Arabella:

"Notting Hill Carnival, I found via a Major Lazer's facebook
(however there seems to be no more pictures like it)."






Sissy Dahli recently attended a 2008 sci-fi convention and took note of this frilly corset dress





Kris C. has sent a few snippets from
Goodwood Festival 2009

(Six pictures - can be enlarged)



Bo Persson sends us three vidclips from the 2007 Goodwood Revival

#1  #2  #3




"Photo from the just-completed Comic-Con (Convention) held in San Diego."

Subject is portraying character "Mystique Sonia"


Outfit designed by Jacqueline Landsman

(above) Sexy Disney princesses at Comic Con 2009



Attendee at US Premiere of Kamikaze Girls at
L.A. Film Festival


More information


Pointed out by Kristi




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