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Rhino sends these scenes of Karneval in Germany (2013?):


(Below) ComicCon 2013 'standout' images from Rhino



Seattle Macy's
Christmas Parade
(Year unspecified)

From Nancy N.



 Still photo from YouTube video of
New Orleans Mardi Gras Pussyfooters parade group.

From Nancy N.:



Star Wars Day, 2014
produced this Death Star skirt

Sent by Sissy Dahli





Snippets from a 50s Rose Parade


From Lasse S.



Attendees at the 7 Dec 12 Dutch festival called Radio Modern Retro Fifties Ball. Rhino managed to extract a plethora of images, many of which we have cropped for relevancy.  Looks like lots of fun!




From Nancy N.

Spokane Lilac Festival
Queen and Princesses





The color of cardinals
an Oktoberfest

From Ian M.   

Also can be categorized in the pettis and corsets area







Rhino sends these Oktoberfest petti-videos:  #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6


Oktoberfest scene


From Nellie



(below) Rhino sends these of the German (2014?) Münchner Kindl Show





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