Annual 'Golden Oldies' festivals at Wettenberg

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1957:  A good year for Chevys AND pettis!!

From the 2001, 2002, or 2003, City of
Wettenberg, Germany street festival. "Golden Oldies."


Compliments Ian


Wettenberg - 2000:  


Franz T. has put together a Fickr site
with pictures of Wettenberg through the years

 Excerpt here (from 2000) enlargeable

More cars and pettis


Wettenberg - 2005:


Wettenberg - 2006:

Philip M. sends this vidclip taken during his visit to Wettenberg in July, 2006




Wettenberg - 2007








Bo Persson sends this vidclip from Wettenberg '07:

"This is the so called Petticoat Competition that is the big thing of the third day of the festival.
The ladies are asked why they like 1950s fashion, where they found their dress and where they are from."


(above two) Dreamie, a model from the now-defunct Karl's Crinie Castle

Wettenberg - 2008:


"Some links to video clips from the 2008 Golden Oldies in Wettenberg:

#1    #2   #3   #4   #5   #6   #7

"The first five are from the petticoat competition - what a brilliant concept; I wonder how much you have to pay to be a judge.
The sixth one features dancing in the street, and the last is a slide show, big on vintage cars, light on petticoats."

Wettenberg - 2009:

Videos by Bo Persson:   #1  #2


Juke Box Angels
of that year

From Rhino






Wettenberg - 2010:

Videos by Bo Persson:  #1  #2  #3  #4

Matt: "I found on YouTube 16 videos posted by Fifties Girl Sylvia (former Pond Girl) at Wettenburg 2010; here's a link to one of them."

Wettenberg - 2012:




Jean L. sends some snapshots of his visit, as well as a video.

And another. And yet another.






Rikki Rabbit points out this recap of the 2012 Golden Oldies Festival

Jean L. points to a Wettenberg 2012 video (Petticoat Shop)

Wettenberg - 2013:


Wettenberg 2004:


  Bo Persson:  Miss Petticoat 2019. 

"A great part of her victory was that her dress
 is 61 years old; it belongs to her grandmother. 

Golden Oldies Wettenberg will be back 24-26 July 2020."

ED: We understand that it is now not The Era, but if she was to wear
such a delightful  antique dress,  it would have been nice to have seen
an antique petti to go with it, and certainty not not beneath the hem.


Video of 2013 festival          Another

Year unidentified:





Here is a great Wettenburg photo page

From Rikki  

Sample at right





A couple of nice Wettenberg photos, year unreported

From Jean L.



Videos of unidentified year: #1  #2  #3 (2011?)

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