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(Genuine/Genetic Gals)

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Possible GG Sissy

From Sylvia Marie

Roger P: The picture is from Birchplace shop, I think you will find that
most of the models are actually boys or at least, once were boys!!


Not sure if this sissy, sent by
Sylvia Marie
, is a GG or a CD


GG sissy maid, advertising mostly for CDers

Provided by Kristi


This may be a GG sissy
or might be a CDer
From Dany from Austria


Guess we have to decide whether these are
GG sissies or, well, a CDer and a GG!
 From Kristi   


From John, a GG Sissy
Not so: Apparently a TV who goes by
the soubriquet Miss Mich
aela Marbella


GG Sissies, one perhaps a mannequin
From John


We are not sure if this magnificent-attired doll is a
 GG Sissy - sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to say...

From Kristi


Apparently, a GG Sissy and Cder



"This Sissy GG models many outfits for Birch Place. On the right, the Felicia Sissy Dress, sells for $362.92. And  she also models the Alice in Wonderland Long Sissy Dress for $310.75, left. There's lots more petti dresses on that website.

"Most times such purveyors' advertisements, catalog frontispieces
and sites use GGs abundantly to present their products.



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