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(above) From Curtis A. - enlargeable

(above) Chisato Moritaka, a well-known Japanese singer

Video found by Gilbert: This is the modern equivalent, of "Do the Locomotion" by Miss Moritaka, but it'll still make your hair stand on end, especially the way skirt lays!
Two  more videos:  #1   #2
         An especially outstanding video

(below) From an unidentified (Japanese) lingerie show, sent by Crinolyn    Enlargeable   



Ayumi Hamasaki is the Japanese cutie featured in two videos Crinolyn made available:  #1  #2

 Crinolyn sent these two nice pictures of her
(Both can be enlarged)

Also, she wanted to tell you that she found the entire concert in two places:  #1   #2

Video: Ayumi Yamasaki high-resolution arena tour 2003〜2004
#2: "No Way to Say Live" - big skirt!
#3: "Together When" - another...


(above) enlargeable

(above) From Thailand - enlargeable



Asian sophisticate in the Chinese Harpers Bazaar

From Abby Rhodes








Japanese celebrity Mizuki Horii
(Manga artist?)


From Rhino




Pertinent blog from Kristi
(Pictures from current page)




"In Japan, often the brides change clothes between a traditional 13-layered kimono to a white wedding gown to a colored cocktail gown for different parts of the ceremony and reception. Some are favoring the shorter look to the cocktail gowns rather than the traditional full long gowns I have on my web site."   Enlargeable



(Above) Some Japanese nostalgia: Hirota Mieko - Kanashiki Heart - delightful bouffant (1963)

(Below enlargeable)  


Keiko Matsuyama: A famous as an Enka singer, and was commonly referred to as "Okei-chan" by her many fans;
sadly, she died in 2006.

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A vidclip of quite lovely Japanese Singer Nakamori Akina, en pouf, courtesy Crinolyn


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