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The 'Lindsey Triplets'.  They recorded at least one 45-rpm record in New York back in the late-50s or early-60s,
but apparently didn't make it very big in show business -
Compliments of Lindsey (not related)

(above) 'The Petticoats' 

(above) "Girls Aloud" on ITV


(above) Dolly Rockers


Wendy sends this cute picture of a member of
The Chalets,
an Irish pop band



More of them, and others, in the
Music Video section

Annalai points to The Two Sopranos, talented operatic  singers who revel in their petticoats!


Misha points to these of Felicity Redman in proper outfit - these gals are right on!
Her partner is Tiffany Redman...

Both enlargeable


See:[email protected]/pool

Below four are enlargeable


Felicity Redman videos:   #1   #2   #3   #4 

Two Sopranos videos (Felicity and Tiffany Redman):  #1   #2   #3   #4

Sabrina points out this refreshing singing duo's MySpace site, which headlines this happy picture



(Click to enlarge)

(below) Matt: "Maria Brink of the metal band In This Moment; her outfits may appeal to the
majority here more than the music her band makes." (Click to enlarge)

(above) Unidentified group -enlarge



Girl singers from an early British group called Highlights.

From Abby Rhodes







Two photos of a member of Irish band Ham Sandwich.





Gerard H.:

"Recently (2010) there was a great fair in Tilburg (a city in the South of the Netherlands).   Monday they called it 'Rose (pink) Monday'.   
That day the group Luv had a performance and they wore pink petticoats. Below is a picture - they are beautiful!!!"  Enlargeable     


Another performance:  



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