Some enlargeable

(above)  The Pixies, Era group


Unidentified doo-wop singers

From Ian M.



Also good for our car section






Rockabilly singer John Worthan recorded in 1959 with the girl duo know as
The Charmettes

From Crinolyn







At the very end of The Era:
The New Christy Minstrels receive their
 1963 Grammy award




The rock group Evanescence

From Mike F.



Irish pop singing group Pop Celi


From John N.



Gerard H. from Holland:

"K3 is a singing group of three girls with a Dutch repertoire for the younger kids; they often wear petticoats



Unidentified German
 dance group

   From Chris






Western brother and sister singing group, The Collins Kids.

From John N.





Abby Rhodes sends this wartime picture (1943) of Copacabana chorus girls




A couple of shots of an unidentified (singing?) group

From Jean L.      Enlargeable



Branson Christmas show singers ('Baldnobbers')

Sent by Nancy N.


From Pondgirl Allison
 ("The Girl Next Door")

The Marvelous Wonderettes 
Retro singing group

Allison's CDs    



(below) Phil B.: A group called Legs & Company seen on "Top Of The Pops" in the late 70s - Enlargeable. 


Nancy N. sends this picture of

Bombón, a San Pedro (CA)-based lady trio playing 60′s surf rock


Flickr site



(below) Nancy N. sends these of South Korean girl pop group, Orange Caramel.
(As opposed to a NORTH Korean pop group <g>)



Latin Quarter (NYC) singing group

Sent by Abby Rhodes 






(below) Marina and the Diamonds on the Graham Norton Show in the UK (BBC Friday 27th April 2012).    [Enlargeable]  


YouTube excerpt

The Pink Petticoats singing group   #2     #3     #4      #5     #6  (videos)


"I think the fans will love this vidclip from a Pink concert - OMG, check out those dresses!!!    Another angle

...and Mike F. sends yet another angle.




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