Petti Pictures--Janegirls

Petti Pictures


Elinor sends these delightful pictures of young "Jane Girls"
 (as they are known in Brit-land) -- some can be quite fetching in their pretty frocks:







Of interest to some:

Raising Boys As Girls: (Link is now dead) A FANTASY blog of a boy who wished his mother had raised him as a girl.

The author is "Kathryn Elizabeth" at

She is probably posing as the author, but openly. Anyway, it doesn't matter, because her views and so forth are quite good. Left enlargeable 



"Here is a curious Brazilian TV soap.  (Link is now dead) One of the story lines involves a boy who has been brought up as a girl (for convoluted reasons
hardly worth explaining).  As a teenager he is beginning to realise that he is not like the other girls.  Someone has helpfully strung
together all his scenes in a series of YouTube videos. 

"In Part 2 we get a glimpse of petticoat around 3:44.  We can also see just how thorough the costume department was!  Apparently in
this scene the boy is describing a strange hot feeling down below."

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