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Now, here is something a bit bizarre from Kristi, but many may consider it 'contrastive art', so to speak. 
In any case, it's fun, and anything that provides an opportunity to view Sweet(!?)
Lolitae is OK by us!



Two things we rarely find in Sweet Lolitas:
Crowded pettis and sexy garters

From Kristi


Here we have a luscious Sweet Lolita aux cage

From Abby Rhodes:


Bob G. points to this interesting Lolita clothing site

Here's a sample


Rhino sends these of Sweet Lolita Madoka


Pictures # 2 & 3 are with Homura

Madoka's "Outer skirt" tutorial:


Runway Lolita

From Kristi



"Here is a wonderful video from a "Meet-Up" as they call it, a Lolita convention and fashion show. 
These girls really know how to look fabulous. 
And if you look closely, you'll see a few "Bro-Litas", guys who enjoy the fashion too.  This film maker, Deerstalker, does an amazing job capturing the essence of the fashion and lifestyle of these 20-somethings who are brave enough to express their love of being pretty. 
Oh, to be that age again."

ED: DON'T miss this!




A cute Sweet Lolita

Do you think think her head is pasted on?  By a dreamer?

Sent by Kristi 


Kristi responds: "Good question, the neck ruff is definitely different saturation, but it may just be the material.  If this is a guy, I can see the neck ruff as a Adam’s
apple camouflage.  (I think she’s genetically female, bless her heart)

"The pastel fabric is definitely lighter, but one or two places the fabric is doubled, and deeper color saturation shows.  Head size looks a tiny bit large, but that’s
because the camera is at head level, the rest of the body is trigonometrically farther away from the lens, thus smaller.  Similar highlight pixilation at high
magnification on the head and the dress.  And finally, same angle of shadow on her right shoulder pouf as on her upper left ear; the ear shadow is accordingly smaller,
barely a pixel wide, but in the right angle. 

 "But I think you’ve invented a new category of people we can make fun of- especially if we see them live -  ‘paste heads’: people whose heads do not match the rest of
them.  Congrats!  You’ve invented a meme!"


"Here's a lovely documentary on Lolita fashionistas in Amsterdam and a look into their world.  The dress on the fashion designer near the end is
to die for.  I don't know if it's poufed with a very stiff petticoat or uses hoops to provide its perfect bell shape.  Oh, to have a young, slim body!"

ED:  This is a must-see for Lolita fans and those who wish to know much more about these lovely girls.
There is also a fascinating 'women' subculture we didn't know about (last third).
Furthermore, one learns the interesting and surprising differences between the Japanese Lolita culture and that of Europe (There is a BIG contrast !).




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