Sweet Lolitas - Page Four

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Appears to be the same Sweet Lolita,
but in one a bit sophisticated, in the other, a sweetie pie

From Kristi


Shelley N. points out that there exist 'boy' Lolitae. 
Here are two examples...

They are called "Bro-litae"



American Lolita?  Denim Lolita?  Bluejean Lolita?
 Western Lolita?  Colorado Lolita?  Hmmm...


 Attractive Lolita bride
with crowded pettis and bell skirt

From Nancy N.


From Kristi
Ann: "Ichigo Mikou is a line of Lolita dresses.  A Google search turned up a lot of good images and this website: lolitadressshop.com. I searched the name on the site and found about 20 or so images with that name on the photos.  Interesting site to browse."


These are examples from a page CHOCK FULL
 of Lolita images, pointed out by
BB Bloomer


Jean L. has sent this most compelling picture, which, while
 certainly very feminine, also, in us, evokes thoughts

that she could be the original
l Sweet Lolita template!



Here's a nice Lolita moving gif




Perhaps a Lolita?
(A bit unusual...)

From Kristi



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