Goldilocks and the Three Bares

Fiction by Roberta

2002, all rights reserved


Once upon a time there were three young and beautiful girls who lived together in a cottage in the town. There was a tall brunette, a middle sized and slightly plump brown haired girl, and there was a shorter and slightly built redhead. They were called "The Three Bares" because they loved to stroll around showing as much bare skin as they could arrange.

Nearby, there lived a post adolescent young man, with the longest and most glorious yellow blond hair in the whole region. At first his mother would not let anyone cut it since she had really wanted a girl child. As he grew older, Golden, as he was named, fell in love with it himself. He would stand before the mirror and primp and curl and brush it endlessly. 

One day, he saw The Three Bares leave their cottage on a short walk around the area. Golden simply had to see what was inside this cottage that housed such beautiful and exciting creatures. He carefully slipped in the unlatched door and looked around. 

First, he discovered things of interest in the bathroom. There were three sets of makeup arranged there. He tried on the first set belonging to Brunette Bare, but it was too dark for his light complexion. Next, he tried on that belonging to Brown Bare, but it was also too dark for him. Finally, he tried that of Red or Cinnamon Bare or Cindy, and he found it to be just right, so he carefully put on the lipstick, the general makeup and eye makeup. He marveled at how perfect it all looked.

Next, he noticed three bras in the bedroom. He tried on the first one. It was much too big for his slight figure. The next one, belonging to Brown Bare was not much better and had a cup size far too large for him. Finally, he tried on the third bra belong to Cindy and found it was slightly padded and fit him just right. It looked quite presentable on him. 

Finally he spotted three fluffy petticoats waiting there to be put on. He tried on the first one, but it was much too long. He then tried on the second one, an extremely puffy pink number, but it was much too fussy. Finally he tried on the third one. It was quite short, very full, with layers and layers of white lacy ruffles. He was so excited he could hardly contain himself. He began to twirl and turn in front of the full length mirror, fully in love with the image he presented.

It was while he was so engaged that The Three Bares came home. Brunette Bare said, "Someone has been using my makeup!". Brown Bare said, "Well, someone has been using my makeup, too." Cindy then said "Someone has been using my make up and must have put quite a bit on!"

They went to the bedroom, and Brunette Bare said, "Someone has been trying on my bra." And Brown Bare said, "Well, someone has been trying on my bra, too." And Cindy said "Well, my bra is missing and I don't know where it is. Maybe someone is wearing it now."

Then Brunette Bare said, "And someone has tried on my petti." Brown Bare then repeated this observation with, "And they tried on mine also." Then Cindy said, "Well my petticoat is missing, so someone else must be wearing it. "

Just then, they noticed Golden in front of the mirrors. They rushed over and asked him who he was and what he was doing. They then marveled at his long and beautifully curled tresses. That was hair to die for. At that moment they made a decision. They addressed Golden sternly. "You have violated our private cottage. Therefore you must pay a penalty. We have decided that you must live here with us. You can be the Fourth Bare, namely Golden Bare. We have been missing a blonde in our little group. Cindy has extra clothes that you can wear.

The three Bares then spent the next hour working on Golden, making the transition to the "'Bare family". They finally put on him the shortest, tightest, barest, most fluffy dress that one could ever imagine. He would now be the most beautiful and attractive member of Bare family. But they cautioned him, "You cannot just help yourself to our things in the future. We have secured our closets with keys.

Thus the story changed and continued on as "Goldie Bare and the Three Locks."

Her friends nodded their agreement.


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