By Franz T. (March, 2015)

"Cueca" is a South American folk dance, which predominantly is danced in pairs.  The man is dressed as South American gaucho. 
The woman,
in the remotest sense, is in 50s dress, plus some more petticoats!

A dance lasts about seventy seconds, with the female working her skirts and petticoats mostly by her side (And Latinas sure know how to work their skirts!)
Kind of like a square dance, in my opinion (but the comparison is tenuous).

How do I find movies featuring this?  On YouTube there are several THOUSAND such, of varying quality! 

In the past few months I have begun to collect such.  Easy to become an addict, because they are really wonderfully great!

What do do with these films?  First, collect and sort; later, when you have a large collection, you can with a VLC player (an applet, usually free, such as here).
Play the best movies, play in slow motion, and also with the VLC Player, the best resampling, and then you can create multiple movies with Freemake or Wondershare.
These films can then be viewed on a large screen TV in peace.  I hope that is not too complicated.

Some search terms for YouTube:

Campeonato de comunal
adulto de cueca Combarbalá 2014 cbblatv

Por dios que así lo cueca
quiso. Cueca La Distancia

Segunda cueca en _ Ovalle
regional Juvenil 2013

(Copy and Paste on You Tube)

A few more tricks to Search:  Some films have been online for years, but have only have, let's say sixty views - this is absolutely not a quality defect. 
t really does not matter how many people have viewed the film, but now have fun, s
earch, and and enjoy these treasure trove movies!  Here is a place to get started...