Easing the Significant Other into Accepting Petticoats

by "Dressup"

Like others have mentioned, it takes patience, time and sometimes a little creativity to ease the spouse into appreciating the dresses and pettis we all so love. It took a few years, but we now have a costume closet full of dresses and petticoats -- from square dancing dresses, Southern Belle, to LG and prom dresses. How? The ChugaLug board game.

 It was a board game from the 70's -- a party drinking game. One of the squares originally said exchange an article of clothing with the opposite sex. (I always hoped I would land on that square!) I changed the squares on the board every so often, directing a different course of action. I changed the squares from "chug your drink" to say things like: "Get a kiss or rub from the person on your left." I also added things like: "Add another article of clothing that begins with "s", "Put on something red", "Dress some one like a character from a bed time fable", etc. The squares I added didn't exactly say to wear a dress or petticoat at first, but one could interpret it that way. Of course, this game always led to foreplay, and I've always made sure that my wife is in a good mood, and or I've done something really nice for her -- and then I ask if she wants to play ChugaLug that night. She then has the option: If she says "yes", now she knows I'll probably end up in dresses and petticoats. It's a way for her to say it's ok tonight to potentially dress up in pretty dresses and petticoats without actually saying the words. Also, every so often I'll buy a dress or petticoat for the costume closet (vs. saying it's for me). The way presentation of the idea of wearing such things is all so important, and for some of you it may work like it did for me... being patient, subtle, and indirect.

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