By Rachel Stinson

The petticoat, also known as the underskirt, is a garment worn beneath a wedding dress or skirt. For Asian clothes like the sari, the petticoat is worn to add volume to the skirt or to hide the contours of your leg when worn with thin fabrics. Most of the time, petticoats usually consist of light fabrics of the same color as the real skirt.

A particularly lovely form or type of petticoat called the full-tiered petticoat has made a nice return as part of the wardrobe essentials of various subcultures. The reason for wearing petticoats may have changed over the years. However, you can be sure that the overall design of these fashionable evening dresses has remained quite the same, except for minor changes that include the use of bright colors and ripping as part of the petticoat design.

You can use a petticoat for period weddings to help provide enough support for your dress. The petticoat will give your beautiful, classic and extremely stylish look. Here are the six secrets about petticoat that mesmerize: 

1. Petticoats makes the waist look smaller. Contrary to the opinion of most people, the petticoat can bring attention to your waist. Although the skirt creates volume below, and creates different ratios, it emphasizes the waist and disguises the hips.

2. They are fun for photo shoots. You can wear your smaller petticoat daily. You can save the larger ones for fun photos or special events. As far as you love it, the larger ruffles can sometimes overpower your shape. If you are all about flats, you need heels to balance the proportions of a larger petticoat.

3. Storage of petticoats can often feel like trying to contain pup-up tent in a bedside table. We see convenient petticoat storage bags that squash down the fluff without vacuum packing the life out of it, and you can then hang these from a helpful hook. Alternatively, we are a big fan of discrete drawers.

4. Caring for petticoats is fairly straightforward. Fortunately, it is unlikely you will spill food or drink them, but to freshen them up, a little steam works wonders. If you have a hand-held steamer, that's excellent, but for us, the other mortals, the old "hanging in the bathroom after a hot shower" is equally useful. You can spot clean or even gently hand wash the full petticoat, if necessary. Do try and encourage the ruffles to hang down and un-cease when drying.

5. They make you feel polished and put together. You will feel like a petticoat adds an extra beauty to an otherwise ordinary ensemble. You will feel more grown up and put together. Add a good Adidas Sketchers, and you will feel very comfortable like a lady.

6. It is certainly possible to customize the way you wear your petticoat to your style. If you have a shorter dress and want to wear your 26" pink petticoat underneath it, you can pin it to your bra or slip. Equally, a couple of our dresses cut from original 50s patterns might sit a tiny bit longer than your other dresses so that you can shuffle the waistband down a inch. 



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