Petticoat, An Essential In Women's Clothing


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Let us take you back to the nineteenth century with all those sophisticated dresses, frills, and fancy hairdos. Do you ever think of how people back in the day had such well-fitted dress which fell beautifully from their waist down? We are about to give you the answer, Petticoats!


Petticoats have been an essential part of women's clothing from back in the day till today. Their initial purpose was to hide the leg's shape, give warmth, and make sure your body held its shape. However, trends nowadays have changed, but the importance of petticoat remains, and here is why?


Timeless Garment:

As petticoat are incredibly comfortable, they are just as integral to day-to-day life today as they were in the past. You may wear them under anything from formal dresses to sarees to even casual skirts due to the variety of petticoats available in the market today.


Suppose you want to add a subtle form to your dress and complete vintage fluffy ones if you dress yourself up to be the center of attention. Not only a petticoats structure, but their color is something you can utilize to add flair to your apparel. Are you wearing a single tone dark dress? Wear a bright-colored petticoat underneath it to add that pop.


You can find petticoats with surprising ease in the market no matter where you are. If you aspire to get that perfect petticoat dress combo and live in the Gulf states, check out dresses online UAE for some fantastic options. Here are the three most worn petticoats.


A-line Petticoat:

Are you invited to a sophisticated brunch? This petticoat is the one for you. It is the most worn one because it gives women sufficient leg movement while carrying a saree. It has four or six or eight segments stitched together, and one of the sides has a diagonal stitch. This way of stitching gives your saree a conical shape with a belt attached to the narrow side.


Mermaid Cut:

These petticoats are named mermaid cut because whether you are wearing a dress or a saree, it gives your outfit a beautiful look accentuating the body's curves. They are generally worn with tight sarees to keep their shape. Moreover, they are made of a thin fabric and have a zip on the side to hold their shape. Wear this petticoat, and people might ask you, "Ariel is that you?"



If you want a flared saree or wedding, this petticoat is the right choice for you. The inside is of the can-can, which gives the entire outfit an uplift. It gives the outfit a shape where it is tight on the waist and loose from the bottom.


Saree shapewear:

This undergarment is the new cool for all age types because of its dual properties. It works as a standard petticoat while at the same time it contours all the flabby areas of the body and helps you look like your favorite Bollywood star without all that harsh dieting.


Value for money:

Petticoats come in all sorts of price ranges; they are not just a luxury for the elite. Paying only five dollars to have an instantly slimmer and more attractive waist should even require a second thought. It is such a good deal. A higher-end market exists in the sixty and above dollar range for people who want brands, which is still affordable compared to most of the petticoat you will be buying to pair them.


This incredible value for money in shaping your body to be more attractive is something no other undergarment can. Petticoats are extremely handy for that seven-dollar dress you just bought. You can pair that with almost any dress in your closet, from see-through skirts to provide modesty to sleek dresses just to fit better and look slimmer.



When your perception you hear the word petticoat, like most of us, must be of a garment that is exerting ungodly pressure on your waist and hips. It is rigid and a nightmare to breathe in. If that is the first thought that comes to your mind, then you can bid it farewell because this is precisely the opposite of what most petticoats are today.


Today Petticoats are usually made of soft and comfortable materials like chiffon, cotton, silk, and more. The itch from those formal and rough you need to wear will not be a problem anymore because a petticoat provides a soft layer of comfort between you and the dress.


Unlike how it is in old movies, you will not find metal belts in your petticoat; instead, most of them today have elastics and buttons, so it is such a matter of seconds to put it on.


Ease of maintenance:

Lastly, apparel maintenance s sometimes a huge headache; some require to be purely hand washed or have water at a specific temperature. You will be glad to know this is not the case for most of the petticoats you will find today, especially those in the more tolerable price ranges and above.


Throw them in your washing machine with your other clothes and let it spin; remember to give them a firm shake when you take them out, especially if they are the old Victorian kind, to get their fluff up.



Petticoats are an extremely underrated piece of apparel, no matter what the situation. Petti coat is a timeless garment that holds class a must in your wardrobe. Now that we have told you some of the reasons why.


 When one hears about dresses, the general opinion is that they are formal wear to be worn on special occasions and nothing more. Well, we just told you that while formal wear sounds uncomfortable, a petticoat is not only a vital part of your outfit but also your comfort.