Petticoats in Combination with Corsets - page four

An inimitable duo!

All enlargeable

A classy petticoat to go with a corset
From this blog

(below) Fashion spread from Artifice Clothing - from Kristi


Pay-site series, of which these are samples:


Kataxenna is a pinup on our sister site.



Her hair is a
wonderful contrast!
From Crinolyn
Twirl section


Frills and corsets from
The Right Place in Germany


A Deviant Art Site art work, entitled
 "Against the Wall,"
by 'Hobbleskirt'


A corset can make
a hoop seem wider!

  Sent by
John N.  


Pauline Lepage was an Era corset icon.  Apparently she enjoyed pettis in her look!

(R) 1956


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