Pinup--Trudy Lorrette



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Hi, my name is Trudy Lorrette!

I've been dressing for years, but only started going out three years ago. First discovered my love of petties when I found a few in an old case in the loft … I was about twelve.. Tried them on, hmm, a funny feeling in my boy bits! And that was it… Hooked!
Over the years, I've been a secret dresser at home, mostly girlie underwear… A few dresses followed, then, discovered make-up, wigs, and the thrill of stepping out  onto the street.  But, I'll always have my first love of petties to thank for starting me on the road to cross-dressing. At last, I feel I've taken a couple of piccies, worthy of sending to Petticoat Pond. A site I've held in great affection since I first went on-line, and discovered, I'm not alone.

Thank you all,
Trudy Lorrette


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