by Larry

                                                                                                                                                      May 1957
    Carolyn Davis, (nicknamed, Candy), was not the kind of sixteen year old girl that needed a date!  She was very pretty and very popular, so when her best friend, Judy, fixed her up with a blind date, Carolyn was upset.
" I hate blind dates, Judy! "   Candy grimaced   
" Come on, Candy!  I promised Peggy. "
" Then you go out with him! "
" Come on, Candy!  You know me and David are steadies! " 
" I don't care! I'm not doing it! "
" We can double, okay?   Me and David, with you and Peter."
Candy had a crush on Judy's boyfriend, David.  She would go after him, in a second, if she ever heard that he'd broken up with Judy. But there was little chance of that happening, so going on a double with David  was as close to a real date she thought she'd ever get.
" Well......alright.....But only if we double. "
     That Saturday night was one of contention.  Candy would glare at Judy while they were at the movies and Judy knew exactly what Candy was thinking, When this date is over, I'm going to kill you!  You guessed it; her blind date, Peter, was a nerd. A pock faced bore!  After the movie was over, Judy tried to save the evening , and their friendship,  by suggesting they all go over the Martin's.
" Hey, let's go to Martin's and get a soda !"    Judy winked at Carolyn and Carolyn understood.
" Yes ! Good idea, let go."   replied Candy
    When they arrived at Martin's, Judy picked out a booth and told Peter to slide in. David slid in on the opposite side across from Peter, then Judy slid in next to Peter. Candy smiled at Judy as she slid in next to David. Judy had managed to separate Candy from Peter and now the three of them would exclude him. That made Candy very happy.
   The whole evening had been a terrible mistake up till now, but suddenly everything was different. Candy found herself sitting so close to David that it was all she could do to keep her hands to herself !  Candy found herself getting very excited !  Now things began to get interesting.
Candy's very bouffant skirt was pressing up against David and David seemed to like it. Judy leaned toward her boyfriend and said,
" Hey Davy !  Does Candy's skirt leave any room for you ? "
" I'm fine."   replied David. The sound and the feel of her crinolines was getting him excited.
" Candy always wears the biggest skirts in school, you know.  Ask her !... Go ahead !.... Ask her how many petticoats she's wearing."
David looked embarrassed. Candy turned to David and answered before he could ask. 
" I'm wearing four tonight."
" See !"    exclaimed Judy.   " She's the bouffant queen of Central High !"
Then Carolyn made a bold move. She raised herself up in her seat. She reached down below the hem of her lovely pink and white, polka dot, skirt and scooped up all the layers of nylon, tulle and lace. The boys watched her intently, and with great anticipation, as she fluffed and flipped her crinolines high in the air giving the boys a brief but exciting glimpse of her delicious thighs before the cloud of  lacy crinolines fell in a great circle around her. Her petticoats and skirt came to rest across the table top and up the back of her seat and all over David. Then Candy quickly sat back down.
Judy giggled hysterically at Carolyn's bouffant show. She looked at her boyfriend and said,
" Davy !  It looks like you're wearing Candy's skirt !"  
Candy's skirt fell against David and down across his lap, burying his right arm beneath the four layers of crinolines. Candy tucked her skirt back down underneath the table but left David draped in lace.  Judy had regained her self control and had switched to her gossip mode.
" Did you hear what happened to Barbara yesterday at gym? "
When Judy starts with her schoolhouse gossip you can't get a word in edge wise.  She becomes totally absorbed and notices nothing around her. David used that fact to his advantage.
  Buried deep beneath four layers of nylon and lace, David's hand slowly slid along the red vinyl upholstered seat; slowly shortening the distance between his hand and Candy's luscious thighs. Candy made a quick, sharp, gasp when she felt David's touch, but Judy just went on talking and noticed nothing. Candy looked at David out the corner of her eye and gave him a naughty smile. David knew he was being encouraged so he became more bold. Candy tried to control herself so Judy wouldn't discover that her boyfriend was cheating on her; right in front of her face!  Candy didn't feel any guilt about it. She was mad at Judy for fixing her up with that creep, Peter and anyway, David was much too cute to go steady!  The feel of David's gentle touch on the inside of her creamy smooth thighs caused her to moan aloud.
" Are you okay, Candy? "   Judy inquired
" Yes!  Yes! I'm fine!  Just thirsty, I guess." 
" Where's that stupid waitress !"    Judy carped  
 David's clandestine exploration of Candy continued as his hand felt every creamy soft curve of Candy's delicious young thighs. Candy pretended to be listening intently at every word Judy was saying but it was becoming increasingly more difficult as David's fingers began playing with the delicate white lace trim on the leg bands of Candy's pale pink panties. The twitching of her thighs only added to the erotic pleasure David felt.  Just then their waitress came over and David had to retreat for the moment.
" What-a-ya  gun-na  have ?"    The stern looking waitress inquired.
 Judy stopped talking long enough to order .
" Large coke, please."       Peter barely managed to say, " A seven up with a straw."        Candy spoke up and said, " I'd like a large cherry coke."  
The waitress looked down at Candy's skirt covering David's right arm. She looked at David and said,
" I know what you're having.... Do you want anything to drink with it? "
David's face turned red.  Poor dumb Judy seemed confused by the waitress's indignant remark. David spoke up and said, " I Just want a plain coke, please." 
The waitress walked away laughing quietly to herself. Judy looked at her boyfriend, and with a little peevishness in her voice, she said,
" What did she mean by that? "   
David shrugged his shoulders and said,
" I have no idea!  She must be crazy! "
Judy accepted that answer as fact and continued with her gossip. 
  David's hand moved back across the seat and Candy smiled, devilishly, when she felt his touch return. The constant movement of his arm and hand caused her petticoats to rustle and she hoped Judy wouldn't notice.  His hands moved lightly over her soft alabaster skin, tracing every luscious curve of her shapely legs. Her legs parted a little when she felt his hand plunging down her inner thighs then slowly and steadily moving up to that place where her little pale pink nylon panties were  drawn tightly across the soft pouting lips of her delicious young pussy.  When at last she felt his fingers stroke her there, she let out a big gasp! Judy stopped talking and said,
" There you go again! Are you sure you're okay? " 
" Yes!  I'm fine ! Why do you keep asking me that? "   Candy replied defensively.
" You're acting funny."  Peter injected.  Candy lost her temper and jabbed back
" Mine your own business! I was talking to my friend Judy!"
" What are you getting so mad about !"  Judy insisted   " I was just asking ! " 
David was not dissuaded by their banter. He slipped his fingers passed the lacy trim of Candy's sweet little panties and down the tight but delicate fabric. Candy erupted in a moaning gasp as she felt his fingers enter her hot moist area.
" There you go again, Carolyn!  Come on ! Are you sick? "
Candy couldn't answer. Her legs were spread open and David's  fingers were deep into her lips and moving slowly over her pussy. Candy started to breathe very deeply and her eyes stared off in space. David refused to stop. Judy was getting upset. She didn't know what was happening to her best friend and she was scared until she looked at David. David's eyes were closed. He was licking his lips and breathing hard.
" David !"    Judy screamed at him as she rose up in her seat. David pulled back with a start.
" What ? What? "
" Come on, take me home!  I wanta go home!"
   Candy didn't see Judy until school on Monday morning. She was afraid of Judy's wrath. She was sure Judy had figured out what her and David were doing, but she was surprised to see Judy smile at her when at last they met.
" Hey I'm sorry, Carolyn!  I didn't know you were sick!" 
" What? "    Candy replied
" David explained the whole thing to me."
" The whole thing? "  Candy questioned   " What whole thing? "
" You know!  David told me about the caramel corn he was sharing with you when we were at that movie. He said he got sick from it too.  I could tell you were both sick."
" Ah...yes!  Yes we were! But I'm fine now "
" Well, I'm sorry.....Hey, you'll laugh when I tell you what I thought you two were doing." 
" Ah,.... doing? Doing what ? "   Candy replied nervously
" I thought you and David were..........No ...forget it....It's too stupid."
" Hey, Judy. Did you see Patty's new dress?"   Candy changed the subject.
" No !  What's she wearing now?"
" Well...........
Candy was ecstatic! She had lots of exciting fun with Judy's boyfriend, right in front of, poor, dumb Judy's, face, and Judy never really found out. But they did come dangerously close and the excitement of doing it right in front of Judy was....well, as Candy put it....Delicious!


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