by Larry


      As I sat on that cold concrete floor, as if in a stupor, in that abandoned building that was once a thriving concern, I repeated the previous events over and over in my mind as one who had just consumed a delicious gourmet meal would hold the taste of it in his mouth. In that place that was once called, Knowlton Street Welding, I felt that I had just had the most incredible experience of my young life. Those tall thin cylinders of oxygen and acetylene that sat against the wall had never, in their day, produced the heat that I had felt just minutes ago and likely would never feel again.


    Standing five feet three in white socks and patent leather shoes, Emily Doyle was the most shy sixteen year old girl imaginable. With big bright green eyes and flawless, translucent skin, she appeared the sultry temptress, but in reality, conducted herself like a demur lady at all times. With her enchanting smile and luscious waves of flaming red hair falling across her pretty shoulders, you would think that she would be a popular girl, but it just wasn’t so. Cursed with a persistent stutter, Emily was made to suffer ridicule and cruel jokes from so many, small, adolescent minds.  Such cruelty angered me and my jingoistic defense of her honor seem to please her, but still, she would never let me close to her. If I were to ask her for a date, she would just shy away and never give me an answer.

     It was mid-June. The school year had come to an end and I was depressed. My chances of seeing Emily again was pretty slim. She never hung out at the usual places and I never found out where she lived. It looked like it was going to be a long summer.  

    Saturday morning, and I didn’t feel much like going to work, but I made the effort. I caught the Gray Line bus at the corner of Broad and Water Street at my usual time. Our bus hadn’t gone more then a few blocks before stopping to pick up a passenger at Park street. I perked up immediately upon seeing Emily coming up the steps.  In a pretty yellow halter dress with big white polka dots, Emily fumbled through her purse, looking for the necessary change to drop in the stand. As I watched, I could see crabby old women slide about in their seats so that Emily wouldn’t sit next to them and crowd  them with her bouffant dress. As for me, I’d love nothing more then to be crowded by Emily’s crinolines!  Waving with one hand, and patting the empty seat, next to me with the other, I caught Emily’s attention. She gave me a shy smile as the bus started to move. Her pretty yellow dress swayed sweetly from side to side as she hung on to the seat backs to keep her balance. She made her way down to me, then turned sharply and scooped her dress. Her crinolines rustled as she gently descended to a spot so close to me, that I could take in that subtle sweet feminine aura of her  heavenly body.  I reacted as any normal boy would react when Emily’s voluptuous skirt came down across my lap. The bulge in my pants remained well hidden beneath many layers of nylon, lace and white polka dots.

“Where ya going, Emily? ”  I asked.

“Di-di-down ta-ta-town.”

“Yeah!  Me too. I’ve got a job there.”

“Wa- wa- where? ”  

“Levite’s Department Store.”

“Th-th-that’s  wa-wa-where I’m ga-ga-going!”

“Oh yeah?  I’m working in the men’s department.”

“I’m ja-ja-just sh-sh-shopping.” 

“Anything in particular?”

Emily reached into her purse and pulled out a note pad and pencil. She scribbled something down really fast and showed it to me.


“Oh! ”  I was a bit embarrassed, so I changed the subject.

“Do you live near Park street? ”   She shook her head in the affirmative and said, “ La-la-Lowell Avenue.”

“Oh yeah, which house? ”  I inquired.  But she didn’t respond. She just stared ahead in silence.

“I’m working till noon. Can I see you afterward? We can get a coke.”    

She hesitated then said, “All...r-r-right...b-b-ut then...I  ha-ha-have ta...g-g-et home.”

“Great!  Meet me at Benny’s on the corner of Main and State Street. At 12:05.”


    I was so happy!  Finally a date with Emily!  Granted, not much of a date, but still, I was making progress. 

    Noon came and I ran!  I couldn’t wait to see her!  As I came to a stop beside her, I was panting like a dog and she giggled at me so sweetly. I had given myself away by appearing anxious to see her. Well, it was the truth and I’m sure she took it as a genuine compliment.

    Benny’s was quite crowded, but we managed to find ourselves a booth far back away from the crowd.

“I’m kinda hungry. Do you want anything to eat? ” I asked.

“Maybe a sa-sa-salad.”

“Salad!  My mother would say, you eat like a bird. But I guess that’s how you keep your beautiful figure.”

    And what a lovely figure it was, I thought. Such a slim waist. Her pretty bouffant dress looked so inviting.  Oh, if only I could explore beneath those lovely layers of nylon and lace.  Stop!  I told myself.  I was making myself crazy!  Even if I did get to go out with her on a regular basis, it will take months before she’d let me under her skirt.   

“I’m not really h-h-hungry. I wa-wa-want ta sh-sh-show you something.”

“Okay.”  I replied with great curiosity. She took my hand and we headed for the bus stop.

“Where are we going? ” I asked

“Wait... you’ll se-se see.”

    I expected that we would get off at Park street and maybe she would show me where she lived, but I didn’t expect her to suddenly reach up and pull the cord just before we got to William street.

“Why are we stopping here? ” I asked.

"Ca-ca-come on!”

    I followed her to the rear exit door, and with a delightful bounce of her bouffant skirt, we were once more standing on the street.  She gently grabbed me by the hand, and off we went in a direction that meant something to her but remained a mystery to me. We crossed over and headed down Shelton Street, passing a pizzeria and a Polish delicatessen.  Again I inquired, “ Where are we going?”  

    But she only smiled and continued to lead me to an unknown destination. We passed under a shady stretch of ancient oak trees, then along a board fence that was covered with old faded ads for motor oil, laundry detergent and Ipana toothpaste.  We turned down Knowlton Street, and the course turned industrial as we passed a pencil factory, then a gray iron foundry. Many howls and wolf whistles emanated from that foundry, but Emily didn’t react to their rude behavior. We crossed over Ogden Street and turned toward the river. We hadn’t gone more the ten yards, when Emily suddenly stopped.

“Why did we stop here? What is this place?”

“M-m-my   se-se-secret... place.”

“Secret place?  I don’t understand. I don’t see anything!”

“Ca-ca come on.”

    She took my hand, and we walked a few more yards to a place where the chain link fence was rusted and broken. She scooped up her magnificent dress, and with great skill, squeezed through the fence wire without tearing a single thread. I followed her with great curiosity and excitement.

“What is this place?”  I asked

“M-m-mine!”   She exclaimed, raising her arms to the heavens while turning in all directions.    

    I looked all around and we seemed to be in back of an old abandon business. The sign on the back door read, “Parking for Knowlton Street Welding only”.

“Emily!...  We shouldn’t be here!... We’re trespassing!”

“Na-na-no- b-b-body ca-ca-comes... here.”

    She took hold of the back door handle and with a quick jerk, the door opened.

“Ca-ca-come on...”  She beckoned me in.

    We entered into a large open space with two large overhead doors on one side and an office at the other. The space was well-lit by means of many, dirty, skylights above us. Although mostly a large empty space, there were still some tools and welding tanks about.

“Why do you come here? ”   I asked her

“To dance!”  She replied without a stammer.

“Dance?”  I questioned.

“I’m not a-la-la-lowed.”

“ You mean, at home?”

“ It’s a sin.”   She spoke softly to avoid a stutter.

“A sin ?  But aren’t you Catholic? It’s not a sin for Catholics to dance.”

“No, I’m Advent... Seventh-day Adventist.”  She said softly.

“Advent?  You mean you’re not allowed to dance?”

“No....and  no ma-ma-music.” She replied.

“No music!...That’s too much!”

    Emily walked over to the office door and opened it with much squeak and squeal.

“T-t-there’s e-lec-tri-city!”  Emily said, with great difficulty.

“Really! You mean they forgot to turn it off?”

“No.  I th-th-think it’s fa-fa-for se-se-security lights.”  

    To my surprise, Emily opened the center desk drawer and carefully, as if handling a new born infant, took out an old, black, 78 record. She turned and lifted the lid on an old phonograph that must have been abandoned by the welding proprietors. I watched as Emily turned the big brown, plastic knob, on the side of the player, all the way up. I heard an obvious, but not objectionable hum coming from the speaker as Emily carefully placed the arm on her mysterious old record. Slowly at first, then building quickly, an enchanting Irish jig emanated with all the force that a three tube amplifier could produce. Emily started to sway with the tune as the music filled the barren environment. She emerged from the office door dancing to the tune and I stared, mesmerized by the  metamorphose I was witnessing. Was that girl Emily?  Sweet, shy, demure, Emily?  

  Emily stopped and motioned for me to sit on the concrete floor. I sank down obediently. Emily danced around me with such grace and energy that I was completely captivated.  As she danced closer to me she began to twirl her skirt, slowly at first, but then building in speed with every revolution. As her petticoats  rose higher and higher, my heart pounded faster and faster as more and more of her luscious legs came into view. Her skin looked so soft and smooth and every curve of her shapely thighs were on display for my pleasure. I licked my lips in anticipation as her petticoats twirled higher! Waves of white nylon and clouds of delicate lace circled just above my head ! I stared intently at Emily’s sweet little panties which were now completely revealed !  I reached up and gently touched her hips as she continued to twirl. The sensual feel of the supple movement of her muscles and the movement of her creamy smooth skin against the silky soft material of her little nylon panties had raised my level of excitement to heights I had never experienced before. Then suddenly the music ended and Emily pulled back quickly. She looked at me with a coquettish smile followed by a sweet giggle then turned and dashed back to that phonograph.

 I said nothing. I was paralyzed ! My mouth just hung open as I watched sweet Emily carefully pick that undulating arm off her precious old 78 record.  Mesmerized by her beauty, I watched as she turned away from me and lifted her crinolines. As I wondered what she was doing, she squatted down, and with an awkward motion, she rose up again and lifted her right arm high in the air. In her hand I saw something that made me swallow hard. Emily's panties! With another coquettish smile, she picked up the arm of that old record player and placed it in the starting grove. As the tune filled the room, I couldn’t breath! Will she repeat the last performance?  She began to dance as before and I was sweating profusely in anticipation. She began to twirl again and the suspense was killing me ! I began to get flashes of her soft, firm, bottom as she danced closer and closer until, at last,  her petticoats twirling high over my head. A small amount of pubic hair did not hide the soft pink lips of her sweet young pussy. I reached up to feel her hips, as I had done before, but as I felt the movement of her supple body against the palms of my hands, the music came to an end, and Emily suddenly stopped. Her petticoats fell all around me and I found myself beneath many layers of crinoline! It was a darkened environment, but the heavenly aroma of her sweet hot pussy was so strong, and so close to my face, that I lunged toward it. With my hands on her firm young bottom, I pulled her toward me until my tongue contacted the soft hot lips of her moist, pouting, pussy. Emily giggled profusely as she opened her legs and lowered herself so that I might enjoy more of her sweetness. Completely surrounded by Emily’s crinolines, and with my tongue probing, deeply, her soft moist folds, I climaxed all over my pants! Emily pulled back and adjusted her dress. With a teasing smile, she dashed back to the office. Taking her panties with her, she ran back out and tossed them to me. Then with a sweet little wave, she ran out the door.  I just sat there smelling her panties. The record had long ago ended and the arm swayed back and forth, around and around, in that endless last grove. All I could think of was WOW!


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