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(above left) Gettysburg
(above left) Civil War

This reenactress displays panniers, particularly popular in France during parts of the 18th century
Provided by Crinolyn


Another fine example of panniers

From Crinolyn 

Here is what is underneath:


18th century pannier reproduction


'Neat' Reenactress
The term 'neat' wasw used in The Era to describe
a lady whose waist was appropriately small

From Kristi




Not much of a corset (probably not even worn correctly),
but this young girl knows how to wear a hoop!

Compliments Ian



1770 reproduction



Javier provides this re-enactress being
taken advantage by the wind. Nice!


Bo Persson: "This video shows a 1859 reproduction dress made by a friend of mine.  The circumference is 600cm."   
Another video of the same    
 An eighteenth century panniered court gown     Sitting Down in that Crinoline    Dressing sequence of an Era lady



"This business up in NE Michigan, Recollections Inc., in Hawks, MI, makes wonderful period pieces of taffeta and calico.; 
I cannot convey the sumptuousness of these gowns,  but here are some examples - lots of good pictures on the website, and a bunch of customer photos. 


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