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Roger K. writes:

"'Steampunk' is a movement that reaches back to the 19th century and then creates stories and gadgets
 and clothing that would have been futuristic at that point in time. Here's an example:

"Sample text: 'Try wearing mid-length skirts with the hems buckled up to reveal breeches or cotton bloomers. Billowing sleeves or bustled skirts with tight leather vests or corsets are a definite. Borrow Middle-Eastern and Indian flair from belly dance fashion or take a nod from pioneer garb. Wrap tons of leather belts about your waist and hips or use a piece of rope to tie up your pants or skirt. Ladies — search eBay or vintage stores for old-fashioned medical cinchers with fan lacing.'"



Crinolyn found this other example on the Deviant Art website; this costume genre seems to be gaining in popularity. 

"Steamed Punk" hosts an annual convention called SalonCon;  Here is a sample from the site devoted to that.


(above) 'Steampunk 10' - by Dizy Dezi

We might call this maybe 'sea-punk'!

       From Crinolyn   



Crinolyn: "Beautiful cover
picture for this article:"


Huntress punk?


This Steampunk image
could be a doll, no?




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