Special Non-Bouffant (straight) slips

All enlargeable

 We don't normally post non-bouffant slips,
but this vintage lacey confection is an exception, to say
 nothing of the darling expression on this gal's face!

Courtesy Dan


A straight slip, but a bit
'petti-ish' with pleats

From Captain Marno




This very nice poufy one from Jean L.

Presented by Soft-fetish.com


Rhino points to this site which, while it
specializes in straight slips and the like,
exhibits some with a bit of froufrou.


Wonder what she is doing?
From Sylvia Marie


Captain Marno: "A nice picture of a pretty girl wearing a turquoise bra and blue, lace decorated petticoat, not
quite matching, unfortunately. The petticoat looks new and the waistband is certainly modern. The sensuous
feelings she could have been experiencing on the skin of her lower tummy, bottom and legs from the silky material would have been exquisite for her, if she had not been wearing tights [pantyhose]."

ED: We have been told that this is Vana, from her website.


This peek is quite sexy!

From this article

Excerpt: It certainly helped that Monica and Gabriela were wearing low-cut strapless
black dresses, which exposed their white frilly petticoats underneath...


'Rangefinder': "I just came across an image of the most gorgeous slips which have very bouffant hems,
so I think they might qualify for inclusion on [The Pond].
"They were in the background of a a photo of an eBay seller posing in a satin slip, and when I asked her about
them, she said they were by Figurefit and one had been sold to a US slip lover for 125 or (about $200).
"I managed to crop out a photo of just the slips. I have never seen these in any vintage catalog images- have you?
Needless to say the manufacturer is long since gone so a Google search does not bring it up."


Other than this area, we rarely feature such, but two wonderful sites have  been drawn to our attention. Nylon Nostalgia and its
 sister page feature beautiful vintage slips and similar items, well, for want of a better expression, will blow your mind.  We are
in love with lovely, feminine items, and this offers much in that vein for display and sale. At left is a sample.


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