Special Non-Bouffant (straight) slips

Most enlargeable

 We don't normally post non-bouffant slips,
but this vintage lacey confection is an exception, to say
 nothing of the darling expression on this gal's face!

Courtesy Dan

A straight slip, but a bit
'petti-ish' with pleats

from 'Captain Marno'




This very nice poufy one from Jean L.

Presented by Soft-fetish.com




"I just came across an image of the most gorgeous slips which have very bouffant hems,
so I think they might qualify for inclusion on [The Pond].

"They were in the background of a a photo of an eBay seller posing in a satin slip, and when I asked her about
them, she said they were by Figurefit and one had been sold to a US slip lover for 125 or (about $200).

"I managed to crop out a photo of just the slips. I have never seen these in any vintage catalog images- have you?
Needless to say the manufacturer is long since gone so a Google search does not bring it up."


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